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Things To Do in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet
Things To Do in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

“Mui Ne” is one of the resort paradises in Viet Nam, so when you decide to travel in Viet Nam, “Mui Ne” will be the best place to enjoy your holiday or your journey; why am I saying so?

In fact, “Mui Ne” is famous for the beautiful beach, when you come here you are not only enjoy the nature but also taste many delicious seafood. Actually, it’s also one of points people live here proud of it.


Besides that, transportation, I think, it is the best matter that almost visitor care for when they travel. Fortunately, many running were built nowadays, so you can find means with high quality easily such as “Phuong Trang”, “Mai Linh”, so on. Especially, the ticket price is from 130.000 to 200.000 VND. (it depend on your choice sit or sleeping cars), so you needn’t worry that you will get lost. Another means is trains; it’s very interesting you can see a lot of beautiful views with the cheap price from 95.000VND to 125.000VND. Especially, when you come “Mui Ne”, you can rent the motorbikes to travel to your favorite area by yourself.

In “Mui Ne”, you will be surprised by the beach, it’s very clean and is also the most attractive point in here.

In addition, “Hon Rom” is famous for a romantic place because it has a strange attraction by many stones and rocks with unique shapes which are opposite to the beach. Furthermore, in rainy season, the mountain is covered with blue of grass. On the other hand, in summer season, the mountain is yellow, when we see it in a far position, it looks like a huge stack of straw that is the reason why it is called Hon Rom .

Moreover, “Suoi Tien” which looks like a paradise, is also attract a lot tourism, it is locative beside “Hon Rom” with rivulet, you can go along this stream and enjoy the nature and the original land space with red and white stalactites

However, when mention “Mui Ne”, we have to talk to yellow hurts (flying hurts) stretch a hundreds km from “BinhThuan” to “NinhThuan”. There have many pictures which get high awards about landscape in here. Especially, the shape of sand stratum always change with various shape because of wind and it’s generally recognized as a symbol of “Mui Ne”

“Genh Da Mui Ne” is also a beautiful place with fantastic view top side is “Ba Vang” temple, and the bottom side is “Ong Thach” royal tomb with cool air and natural grottoes

How about the landcape around “Mui Ne”

Bau Trang – Bau Sen” is far away from “Hon Rom” about 18km. There are 2 fresh water lakes located between hurts. Visiting “Bau Trang” ( Bau Ong) you will see  lotus in bloom in the middle of sand- bank in summer. On the other word, “Bau Sen” ( Bau Ba), sea is wide vastly enclosed by sand.

Bau Trang – Bau Sen

Thap Cham- PoShanu” near “Phan Thiet” city about 7km, located on “Ba Nai”, “Thap Cham”. It is historical relics of Kingdom of “Champa”. Although it has small architecture, it’s quintessence of architecture and art of them. Furthermore, it has a solemn and mysterious beauty, so it has a vigorous attraction.

In “Phan Thiet” city, we can go on a sightseeing tour of history place in here. To be more specific “Ho Chi Minh” museum was established in 19/5/1986, this is the place where “Ho Chi Minh” had lived and touch in 1910 before he came to “Sai Gon” to find the way to save “Viet Nam”.

Van Thuy Tu” residence where keep tens of “bo sac phong” of king of “Nguyen” and “Thieu Tri” about 150 years. It has a bronze about 140 years.

“Lau Ong Hoang” related to “Han Mac Tu”, famous poem,. “Han Mac Tu” used to have a date with “Mong Cam” in here, so he had a lot famous poems about this place.

However, in my opinion, almost tourism cares most about thelocal foods and special foods when they choose a place to travel and I believe that they won’t make you disappointed if choose “Mui Ne”, and I sure that you will want to try one more time.

First of all “bot loc cake” is made from shrimp, flour, meat; this food is existed for a long time in “Binh Thuan” and visitors often find it for all they are worth because of the special taste

bot loc cake

Second “Rice spaghetti” (Banh Canh) is an easy food, but contain plenty of nutrition. In fact, it has 2 kinds rice spaghetti are that rice spaghetti with fish or fried fish. You can dip breads into when you enjoy.

The next “Goi Hai San” such as “Goi Ca”, “Goi Oc Gai”. These foods are made very clean with many fresh ingredients. We eat it with sweet- and-sour fish sauce.

Besides that: “banh can” it made from rice flour, pour it into small frame after that it will be caking until well done.  We will eat with fish sauce.

Moreover “ Cuon Cha Ca Chit Mui Ne” is spine roll by girdle cake with “Chit fish”, eat it with peanut sauce, fermented pork roll, and basil.

Furthermore “Con Dong” it is a special food, it is a creature live in caves, in early morning, it often finds bubs and drinks dew, so it’s seemed to be a restorative, “Dong” is cooked into many delicious dishes.

Finally “Banh Trang Mam Ruoc” is a popular junk food, and everyone often calls it is Viet Nam pizza.

In short, “Mui Ne” is a paradise that you should visit when you come to Viet Nam and you will have a wonderful experience in your life.